Our Staff

We are experienced and dedicated to the sustainable goals and principles that Terranova Ranch
strives to achieve in growing its crops.


Patrick Pinkard
Assistant Manager

Luis Sarabia
Shop and Tractor Supervisor

Jesse Hernandez
Irrigation Supervisor

Chris McClaran

Terranova Ranch began farming in Helm, CA in the early 1980’s. At that time the prominent crops grown were upland cotton, alfalfa hay, wheat and barley. The first vineyards were planted in 1981 and in the late 1980’s and 1990’s the variety of crops increased to include corn silage, sugar beets and pima cotton.

In 1991 we began growing processing tomatoes with a little over 5,000 tons produced. At that time they were grown by planting seed and were furrow irrigated. Today, we use transplants and subsurface drip irrigation for the 140,000 tons of tomatoes we grow each year.

In 1993 we began farming organically with 15 acres. Presently we have over 600 acres in organic production.

In 2000, we began further increasing our variety of crops grown to our present number of over 25 different crops on 6,000 acres.

We have also concentrated our attention to methods that keep our soil, our water and air quality as sustainable and healthy as possible. We have been focusing on methods and techniques including water recharge, irrigation efficiency, energy conservation, energy production along with cleaner emission farm equipment.

Our end-goal is to maintain long-term viability with adequate water, clean air and healthy soil.

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